Bespoke Furniture in Leigh-On-Sea

Here at Touch Bespoke Joinery we take pride in creating high standard bespoke furniture in Leigh-on-sea to meet all our client’s specifications. Each piece of bespoke furniture in leigh-on-sea we create is custom designed to accommodate our client’s ideas and the space it will be fitted.

Bespoke Furniture in Leigh On Sea

We have a highly qualified team to help with the creation of your bespoke piece and strive to exceed any expectations our customers have. Our workshop is completely equipped with state of the art tools to allow us to create a highly unique piece for each individual. We have a great determination to make sure that each of our clients receive a piece like no other to enjoy for many years.

Our Process here at Touch Bespoke Joinery:

Give us a call on 01245 403 268 to organise a date that suits you best for us to come and discuss the type of bespoke furniture you are looking for, and we’ll take a look at the space you would want it fitted. We will then go through with you all the options you would be able to achieve with our designs and give you a quote on what you are looking for.

Once we have discussed and gone through in detail everything you would like then we start designing your custom piece. Here at Touch Bespoke Joinery we believe that the design process is extremely important, this is because of our passion for creating a piece that our client will fall in love with the moment they see it. When designing your bespoke furniture in Leigh-On-Sea we take into consideration every aspect we can think of from the fine balance of the available space to the aesthetics of the piece.

Once the piece has been designed, we will send you over the drawings to make sure that the design meets all of your specifications. After the design stage has been approved we will send the drawings over to our highly skilled team that will carefully craft together your custom bespoke furniture in leigh-on-sea.

Finally, once your piece has been created, we will come to your home on a time and date that is convenient for you and fit the piece. Each piece of bespoke furniture in leigh-on-sea we design is extremely unique and can range from anything from highly contemporary and modern to homely and rustic, so we take extreme care when fitting the piece to make sure no damage occurs to it or the surrounding furniture already in the room. The precautions we undergo to make sure no damage occurs includes covering all the furniture in the room with dust sheets and moving any objects that may get in the way of the installation. Once your bespoke furniture in leigh on sea has been fitted we will move back all of the furniture and remove the dust sheets. As well as this, we make sure to completely clean the area your piece has been fitted, including hoovering, to allow you to instantly enjoy your bespoke furniture in Leigh-On-Sea.