Bespoke Wardrobes in Brentwood

Touch Bespoke Joinery provide completely unique bespoke wardrobes in Brentwood that are custom make to fit the exact dimensions of the room. We understand that it can be extremely difficult finding a wardrobe that fits in the room perfectly, especially with rooms that include chimney breasts and curved walls, so this is where we can help.

Custom Wardrobes in Brentwood

Here at Touch Bespoke Joinery we will be able to create a simple storage solution with our bespoke wardrobes in Brentwood. From tight small spaces to high ceilings we’ll be able to help. We understand that rooms can include awkwardly shaped walls and ceilings including curves and slopes, and even though these may add character to your room, they don’t allow you to maximise your storage space. You will be surprised with the amount of storage space you would be able to receive with our bespoke wardrobes in Brentwood.

Here at Touch Bespoke Joinery we work with you, discuss all your ideas to make sure that we create wardrobes in Brentwood that are personalised to meet all your needs. We make sure to maximise all the space in the room for the wardrobe so that our customers have the most storage space possible. The advantage of our bespoke wardrobes in Brentwood is that they are extremely different to that of ready-made wardrobes that will create large areas of wasted space in the room, but instead take advantage of any small place and maximise it with storage space.

The design stage is one of the most important aspects of our process as we go through in detail each aspect of the wardrobe, how the customer would like it to look, how to maximise the storage space, and the materials to use to make sure it is extremely long lasting. You will not have to worry when putting the creation of your bespoke wardrobes in Brentwood in our hands as we have a highly trained manufacturing team with City & Guild’s qualifications and level 3 NVQ’s that will put time and effort into your wardrobe to make sure it is perfect.

Our workshop has all the tools needed to make sure that your wardrobe in Brentwood will be long lasting and aesthetically pleasing, giving you the most storage space possible. In addition to this, our manufacturing team are highly qualified to create your bespoke wardrobes in Brentwood, making sure that we leave our clients with a wardrobe that will complement the room, as well as maximising the space. We understand that a wardrobe is something that everyone requires on a daily basis, so we make sure that our team are extremely time efficient to ensure our clients that their bespoke wardrobes in Brentwood will be ready for them to use in no time. All you need to do is give us a call and we will be happy to come and visit your home to take a survey and discuss the type of bespoke wardrobe you may be looking for.

For inspiration on a bespoke wardrobe that suits you then why not check out our gallery and see some of our previous tailor-made pieces.