Bespoke Kitchens in Rayleigh

Here at Touch Joinery we offer completely bespoke kitchens in Rayleigh that are customised to suit all your specific needs. Whether it be a country kitchen or something high gloss and modern we’ll be able to help! We take pride in offering our clients an extremely stress free process throughout each stage of creating their bespoke kitchens in Rayleigh. This includes making sure that we completely clean the area after fitting their kitchen so that they get to see the full effect of the final outcome.

Bespoke Kitchens in Rayleigh

We create bespoke kitchens in Rayleigh in whatever style or layout you would like, even the exact size of the cabinet to suit your specific property. Here at Touch Bespoke Joinery we have only the highest talented designers to make sure to create your dream kitchen, and meet each of your requirements. When designing your bespoke kitchens in Rayleigh we will consider all the storage ideas possible to ensure we take advantage of all the space available in the room.

Our workshop is fully equipped with the highest standard of tools and machinery to make sure that the bespoke kitchens in Rayleigh we create are the best they can possibly be, with materials that will last for many years to come. We involve our clients within the whole process of creating their bespoke kitchens in Rayleigh so that they are 100% happy with the final outcome and all their specifications are met. Each kitchen is hand crafted to make sure that it will outlive any high street kitchen you may find and offers something that will be completely unique, designed specifically with your ideas in mind.

Our process begins with surveying your kitchen and suggesting possible outcomes and ideas that you could consider. This allows our customers to not have to stress about giving ideas for their kitchen when they may not have any. We will be able to work with you to custom design your kitchen to make sure it takes advantage of the space and looks exquisitely unique.

Here at Touch Bespoke Joinery we have created many different types of bespoke kitchens in Rayleigh, including anything from traditional to modern, giving us years of experience in creating dream kitchens for all our clients. Each of our team are highly qualified with level 3 NVQ’s and City & Guilds qualifications to ensure our clients that their bespoke kitchens in Rayleigh are made to the highest standards.

When we come to install your bespoke kitchens in Rayleigh we guarantee to always turn up on time to ensure our clients that there will be no waiting around for us. Before the installation we will cover all the objects in the room with dust sheets. This prevents anything from getting damaged or dirty in the process of installation. Once installed, we will completely clean up any mess we have made and leave you to enjoy your completely unique kitchen.